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Eau Claire, WI CE4 Case Study

Investigation Report: Eau Claire, WI CE4 Case Study (7/98)
Chad Lewis - WI MUFON State Director
Craig Lang - MN MUFON FI Coordinator

Case Background:
We were introduced to the primary witness in this case when she 
contacted Bob Schultz of MN MUFON.  She was then placed in contact 
with John Carpenter.  She arranged to meet him on the weekend of his 
lecture in Eau Claire, WI (15 Nov, 1997).  During that weekend, we 
interviewed her and made arrangements to perform a followup site visit.
Chad Lewis and Craig Lang performed the initial followup visit on 24 
Jan, 1998.  Craig Lang performed a interview visits on 20 June, 1998.  
This report contains details of these visits, plus related material. 
The witness has indicated that she intends to pursue hypnotic 
regression.  Chad Lewis is currently arranging this. This investigation
is ongoing and this report will be updated as events unfold.

Witness Descriptions   [CL Note: Specific identifying details are 
withheld to maintain witness anonymity.  These details are on MUFON 
Form1 for each sighting and are confidential to MUFON.  In addition, 
at the discretion of the witnesses, qualified researchers may contact 
them through the investigators.]

The primary witness is a thirty four year old mother of three.  She, 
her husband and their children live in a house in rural Eau Claire, 
WI.  She is employed as a clerical worker and he is a craftsman in a 
factory in the region.  She is also attending college at the present 
time.  The primary witness and her husband both describe their health, 
vision, and hearing as good.  

The witness indicates that both she and her husband have had anomalous 
experiences, including several well-defined CE1, CE3 and CE4 events.  
The children have also apparently observed or experienced some 
anomalous events.  We have been able to talk with them to a limited 
degree regarding these.  Background paranormal events have not been
included in this report.

Site Description:

Map of property layout

Main floor plan

Upper floor plan

The family lives on farm property in Rural Eau Claire, WI. To their 
north is a farm field, with a woods on the opposite side (not shown), 
which is approximately 1 mile to their north. The above picture shows 
the location of the house, and the location of the ground traces.

Eau Claire, WI CE4 Case Study Report Index:

1995 "Marcus" AN3/CE4
Nov 96 "Laundry Room" CE3/CE4

Nov 96 "Pulled Out of Bed" AN4/CE4

Apparent Ground Traces assoc. with 11/96 CE4's

1995 "Marcus" AN3/CE4

Date of Event:  Sep, 1995 (exact date not known)
Location:  Master bedroom of witness's house in rural Eau Claire, WI
Classification:  AN3/CE3/CE4
Conclusion:  Unexplained - pending further evaluation
Significance: Moderate to high in context of her other experiences.

The witness was awakened to see an entity, in the form of a human(oid) 
male floating to the right side of the foot of her bed.  She indicated 
that when she saw the entity she knew that it was male, and that she 
knew who he was.  She was told, in a nonverbal manner, that his name 
was "Marcus", and he was there for her. She felt that their relationship 
was, in some way, very close.  

Witness sketch of "Marcus".
Note: Witness wasn't entirely comfortable with sketch, but felt that 
this was the best she could remember She did not have sufficient 
memory of the face to sketch it, but felt that it was "hairy" and 

She described the entity as being tall, and approximately human in 
appearance, but with a catlike face.  She described his appearance as 
"a cross between Worf (on Star Trek) and the beast "Vincent" in the TV 
show Beauty and the Beast". He appeared to be dressed in a manner that 
suggested to her a military officer from an earlier time period, with 
an apparent breast plate arranged in a chevron design.

The entity held his hands out to her, palms up, and she instinctively 
knew to put her hands in his.  She indicated that she then rose up, 
and he pulled her in closer to him.  [CL Note: She indicates that she 
was under the covers when the entity appeared.  If this was a physical 
movement, it is not clear how the bed covers were removed.]

At that point she felt that they were within a ball of light, and as 
if they were "dancing".  She didn't remember any sound, and was not 
sure whether or not they were still within the room, but felt that 
there was not enough space within the room to have "danced" in the 
manner which they presently were.  Thus, she feels that they must 
have been somewhere else while this interaction occurred.  She 
indicates that this "dance" felt more like a "complete spiritual 
union", than physical motion to music (the traditional definition of 
dance).  She did not feel that there was music present.

The interaction concluded, and she indicates that she knew that 
"Marcus" had to go.  She felt that he had come to bring some form of 
"notification" to her about events to occur.  [CL Note: It was not 
clear what the actual terminating event of the encounter was.  If a 
dream, did she wake up, or transition to another dream?  If not, then 
it is not clear when/how she was returned to bed?  This was not clear 
in the witness's memory.]

This event appears to be the start of her consciously remembered 
experiences.  She indicates that since that time, she has been very 
interested in spiritual topics, reading extensively in the area 
religion and spirituality, with subsequent interest in the field of 
UFOs and close encounters.

Additional Witnesses:  
None. It is not clear whether or not her husband was present at the 
time of this event.  However, it seems likely that he was.

Weather Conditions:
N/A - not sure of date, plus event was entirely in doors.

Conventional Phenomena Check:
I can not think of any objective natural or human made phenomena that 
would explain this encounter.

Classification:  AN3/CE3/CE4
Conclusion:  Unexplained - pending further evaluation
Significance: Moderate to high in context of her other experiences.

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Nov 96 'Laundry Room' CE3/CE4

Date of Sighting:  Mid November, 1996
Time of sighting: Late at night, exact time unknown
Place of Sighting:  Witness residence in rural Eau Claire, WI
Type of Sighting:  CE1,CE3, Probable CE4
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained
Significance: High, due to the probability that a CE4 took place

Sighting Account:
The witness awoke to go to the bathroom, sometime late at night.  She 
was walking from the bedroom to the bathroom when she noticed bright 
lights and an associated large object just above the trees on the far 
side of the field, to the north of their house.  [CL Note: the laundry 
room windows and back door afford a clear view to the north]. 
Incredulous, she went into the laundry room to get a better look.  
She indicates that she had difficulty believing her eyes, but concluded
that it "had to be a ship".  The object appeared to be "as big as a 
house", or approximately the size of a dinnerplate at arm's length.  
She watched through the laundry room windows as it drifted slowly to 
the south, low over the farm field.  [She indicated that although well 
lit, it did not appear to cast light on the field itself.]

Combined witness sketch showing path and 
description of object, hand entering door.

As the object approached the farm house, she became very frightened.  
She indicates that she started to lock the doors and windows of the 
house, beginning with the laundry room windows, then the back door.  
She was running to the front to lock the kitchen door, but "it was 
too late, they were already there..."

When she reached the kitchen door, it was beginning to open.  [She 
felt that the entities were probably on the porch]. She tried to force 
the door closed again, but felt a force pushing it open.  She felt 
herself being pushed backwards, ending up behind the now-fully-open 

As the door opened she observed a white mist or fog roll in.  She 
also felt that at this point, there were lights in the front of the 
house which she assumed were associated with the "ship".  She 
described them as "white, with some being blinking", but she was not, 
overall, sure of the colors.  She indicates that she was too concerned 
about the door opening to notice much about the lights outside.

At the point where the door was fully open, she remembers entities 
being behind it.  Looking around the door, she observed a hand 
reaching in from outside. She felt that this hand was long and skinny, 
and came in very low, at the level at which a small child's hand  
would be.  At this point, she also remembers a nonverbal scolding 
which seemed something like: "you know better than to try to resist".  
She indicates that this message came in the form of thoughts, rather 
than words.  At that point she remembers nothing more.

The next thing she remembers is awakening in her room.  She feels that 
she didn't awaken immediately after the encounter, and that it was 
probably morning when she awoke.  [CL Note: she did not remember 
whether or not the windows were locked, or the kitchen window was open]

Additional Witnesses:  

Weather Conditions:
Unknown, since the exact date of the encounter is not known.

Additional Witnesses: 
None are known.  However, the house is within plain view of the 
highway.  Thus, a large, well-lit object should have been plainly 
visible to passing motorists.  Thus, the possibility exists that 
others may have seen this event in progress.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
No known objective phenomenon would account for this experience.

Sighting Evaluation:
Type of Sighting:  CE1,CE3, Probable CE4
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained
Significance: High, due to the possibility that a CE4 took place, and 
the opportunities for followup.  In addition, due to the proximity of 
the event to the highway, the possibility exists that there may have 
been additional witnesses.

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Nov 96 "Pulled Out of Bed" AN4/CE4

Date of Encounter:  Early to Mid November, 1996
Place of Encounter:  Witness Residence in Rural Eau Claire, WI
Classification:  AN4 or CE4
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained
Significance:  Moderate to High

Sighting Account:
The witness was lying in bed, [CL Note: She sleeps on the Right side 
of the bed].  She was asleep when she was awakened by something 
touching her on the shoulder, [CL Note: She was not sure which 
shoulder, but thinks she was lying on her right side, the touch was 
probably on the left].  She indicates that she felt a presence on the 
right side of the bed, next to the wall.  At that point, she felt 
something/someone grab her feet.  She was instantly flipped over and
landed on top of her husband.  At that point she felt herself being 
pulled out of bed, in the direction of the foot of the bed.

She indicates that she tried to scream and kick, but was unable to.  
[CL Note: She indicates that she initially felt that she could, but 
subsequently, on trying, found she could not].  As she was being 
pulled toward the foot of the bed, she indicates that she dragged her 
arms behind her, across her husband's chest.  At the point when she 
was 1/2 of the way out of the bed, her memory of the event ends.

The next thing she remembers is standing in the kitchen in her night 
gown.  She remembers looking towards the East facing windows, which 
were "flipped out" - as if the windows were on hinges.  [Note: the 
kitchen slide open, and do not hinge out. It is also notable that 
this was mid November, and was therefore cold outside]  She felt that 
she had somehow come in through the window.

While standing in the kitchen, she observed a bright light outside, 
approximately above the house, slightly to the east. The light shown 
in the window, projecting onto the kitchen floor.  [Note: She 
initially thought it was a yard light, but when she investigated on 
subsequent nights, she noted that the yard light does not project onto 
the floor, but onto the North wall of the kitchen].  

She indicates that she felt "weird, but 'going back to bed now'...".  
She also indicates that she felt a hand, which she described as 
"comforting", on her shoulder [She felt at one point that this might 
have been the entity of a CE4 event in 1995, whom she referred to as 
"Marcus"].  This entity seemed to convey a "reassurance that its OK, 
go to sleep".  At that point she went back to bed and fell asleep.  

A short time later she awoke in fright, feeling very upset about what 
had happened.  This event still frightens her. Also, roughly the day 
after the encounter, her shoulder [CL Note: not sure which one] felt 
sore.  This continued for several [not sure how many] days after that.
In addition, the family discovered the ground traces in the back yard 
within a few days of this event.
See accompanying report on traces.

Additional Witnesses:  
None. Her husband was in bed, but did not respond to her attempts to 
awaken him.  He has no memory of the event In addition, the house is 
very close to the highway, with no intervening trees to block the 
view. Thus any object positioned over the house might have been clearly
visible from the highway.

Weather Conditions:
Unknown, since the exact date of the encounter is not known.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
No known objective phenomenon would account for this experience.

Sighting Evaluation:
Classification:  AN4 or CE4
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained, 
Significance:  Moderate to High, due to the possibility that a CE4 
occurred, the occurrence of possible ground traces from the event, and 
the willingness of the witness to pursue followup investigation.

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Apparent Ground Traces assoc. with 11/96 CE4's

Date of Event: Mid Nov, 1996      
Note: Estimated date either Sunday 10 Nov or Wednesday 13 Nov, based 
upon WX records.
Location: Witness's residence in rural Eau Claire, WI
Classification:  AN2, possibly associated with CE4.
Local Evaluation:  TBD explanation status - Investigation in progress.
Significance:  Normal significance

Sighting Account:
The ground traces are associated with one or more CE4 events which 
occurred in November of 1996.  The witness felt that the date of 
discovery was a few days after her "pulled out of bed" CE4.  However 
this correlation is not certain. Since the correlation between this 
trace and possible accompanying sighting(s) is not well established, 
this is listed as a separate event.  

The accompanying photographs were taken TBD on the day of discovery.  
This was approximately two days before the first snow in Nov 1996.    
The witness could not remember the actual time and circumstances of 
[CL Note: Records from the National Climatic data center indicate 
that the first snow was on 15 Nov, 1996.  Thus the date of discovery 
would have been on 13 Nov, 1996.  However, the witness also indicated 
that she though the discovery occurred on a Sunday, which would have 
been 10 Nov, 1996].

Photographs of initial ground traces:

Trace image 1-1

Trace image 1-4

Second Ground Trace:
The witness indicates that a second trace was discovered on her lawn 
at the approximate location of the first trace. The photographs below 
were taken on the date at which the first snow of November, 1997 
melted.  Weather records indicate that this would have been on the 
approximate date of Monday 24 Nov, 1997 +/- one day.  [CL Note: need 
to determine date/time of second trace more closely].

It is not know whether this second trace is due to a separate event, 
or whether it is an effect of the process which resulted in the first 

The following is a photograph of the second ground trace:

Trace image 2-3  

Investigation Details:
The investigators visited the site on 24 Jan, 1998.  Due to snow cover,
the ground on which the traces were reported was not visible.  Thus no 
samples were gathered.  However, we took instrument readings using 
Geiger counter (Union Carbide Nuclear Rate Meter), and low-frequency 
electromagnetic field meter (Alpha Labs TriField Meter).  These were 
taken on a walk-through from the front of the house, northward, toward 
the area in proximity of the traces, with measurements also taken on 
the eastern part of the property, and depicts the walk-through paths 
during the instrument readings. No anomalous electromagnetic or nuclear
radiation readings were detected during these measurements. 

Map of property showing nuclear, magnetic 
and EM radiation walkthrough paths.

A walk-through was also conducted while monitoring the possible 
deflection of a compass needle.  This walk-through showed no anomalous 
readings, with the exception of the area around the traces.  We noted 
a possible deflection of the compass needle as we walked over the 
exact location of the traces.  However, this reading was ambiguous 
and will require more sensitive equipment to verify.  The initial 
readings were as follows: Walking from E to W, no deflection was 
observed until approximately 4 feet from the trace location. Beginning 
at about 4 feet to the E of the trace, the deflection to the E 
appeared to increase as the compass approached the center of the 
trace.  At the center of the trace, this deflection appeared to reach 
a maximum.  Exiting trace area to the W, deflection appeared to lessen.
When reversing our path, we observed the same deflection pattern, 
except with the needle apparently deflecting to the west.  

We were unable to reproduce this effect on the second attempt.  Thus, 
the reading may have been caused by errors in measurement due to 
limitations of alignment of the compass with true north.  

Craig Lang returned to the site on 20 June, 1998, taking more 
accurate data using a compass, a DC magnetometer, and a DC electric 
field meter.  These readings were taken along a survey line laid out 
along from east to west across the trace site.  This time no 
anomalous magnetic or electric field readings were detected. No ground 
traces were present on the second visit , so samples were not 

Other Possibilities:
We are investigating the possibility that there might be some type of 
underground metallic object(s) in the area which could have caused 
the ground traces, possibly underground electrical cables, etc..  
However, the mechanism by which such an object could cause the 
observed ground traces is not understood.

TBD - investigation is in progress.  
Note: Since the traces are no longer present, detailed analysis is no 
longer possible.

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S. MPLS Experiencer Report 4/16/98

Date of Report:  Mar 16, 1998
Investigator:  Craig R. Lang - Field Investigator, MN MUFON

Sighting(s) Background:
This report contains the preliminary investigation results of a series of 
sightings and close encounters reported by an experiencer who contacted 
Minnesota MUFON in November of 1997.  [CL Note:  Name is on file with 
Minnesota MUFON and is included on associated MUFON report forms.  At the 
discretion of the witness qualified researchers may contact her via the 

The witness contacted us via e-mail with a report of her September, 1997 
Canterbury Park sighting.  She also indicated having had other sightings 
and experiences.  I called her and arranged an interview regarding this 
and other events. We conducted three interviews resulting in this report.   
In addition, other information was related, which is not included in this 
report, regarding a background of experiences which may be UFO related.

The witness has described many sighting and close encounter events.  
However, this report contains only those eventswhich can be clearly 
isolated and described in detail.  These are as follows:
 - A close encounter of the third kind, in Eau Claire on July 4, 1969.
 - An apparent CE4 at her mother's home in Eau Claire, WI in Sept., 94.
 - An FB1 occurring in August, 1997 at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN 
   (South of Minneapolis)

All descriptions of events in this report were related under conscious 
recall. The witness indicates that she has undergone hypnotic regression 
in the past, with no UFO related material being recovered. The degree to 
which her memories were affected by this regression is not known.  She has 
also indicated an interest in again undergoing hypnotic regression in the 
future, to further explore some of the possible CE4 scenarios.  We plan to 
pursue this option at the earliest opportunity.  

Witness Description:
The witness is a 41 year old college student with junior standing in 
environmental studies.  She also has special training in electromechanics 
(robotics).  Her vision is correctable to 20/20 with glasses.  She describes
her hearing as "fair", but OK. She indicates that she has had a number of 
UFO sighting and related close-encounter experiences. She describes her 
health condition as suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.
She is currently taking Zoloft for this condition which she indicates is 

The witness's roommate, a close friend, was associated with at least one 
of the sightings.  While the roommate seems somewhat skeptical of UFO-
related topics, she appears to be very supportive of the witness.  She 
feels that the witness is very sincere in describing her experiences.

The following are specific sighting/encounter reports which the witness 
related to the investigator:

July 4, 1969 Eau Claire, WI 'Racetrack' CE3

July '94 'Wolves on house' CE4

August 20, 1997 'Canterbury Park' FB1

Jan, 1997 St.Paul, MN Experiencer Report (Multiple cases)

Experiencer Case Study:  St. Paul, MN   13 Sept, 1997

Field Investigator:  Craig R. Lang - MN MUFON

1. Introduction

This report describes my compilation of UFO and close encounter related experiences 
as described by a UFO encounter experiencer living in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Note: 
the witness's actual identity and contact information is on file with the 
investigator, and is included on the investigation data forms to be filed with 
MUFON HQ).  This witness came to the attention of Minnesota MUFON in March of 1997 
when she e-mailed a sighting report to the Minnesota MUFON webmaster.  Minnesota 
MUFON then followed up on this and the other described events.

The information for this report has been obtained via personal interviews during 
the ensuing months of 1997.  UFO experiences have occurred throughout the witness's 
life and are only partly documented here.  This report contains details on these 
events as related by her, plus analysis and some followup investigation results.  
Followup investigations may be ongoing where warranted.

1.1 Investigation Background

The witness initially contacted MN MUFON via e-mail to report her January 1997 
sighting at Prior Lake, MN.  The Minnesota MUFON webmaster then forwarded the 
sighting report to me.  I contacted the witness and arranged an interview.  Over 
the subsequent months, I have interviewed the witness twice, plus conducted visits 
to sighting locations in Minnesota, and obtained additional corroborative 

The witness indicates that there are additional UFO related events occurring 
throughout her life, which are not included in this report.  Many of these have 
occurred in California and may be of interest to investigators of California MUFON.
In addition, I have brought the Arizona encounter event to the attention of Arizona 

The witness has indicated a desire to undergo hypnotic regression to uncover the 
details of many of her encounters.  I have indicated to her the name of at least 
one psychologist known to Minnesota MUFON (Dr. Ralph McKinney, of Minneapolis, MN).
As of the writing of this report, she has not yet elected to undergo hypnotic 
regression, but has indicated that she is interested in doing so in the future.

1.2 Witness Description

The witness is a 65 year old mother of 4 and grandmother of 9.  She is a retired 
real estate agent, and has lived in Minnesota since 1992.  From the late 1970's, 
until she moved to Minnesota she lived in California (Note: many of her UFO related 
events occurred there).  Her health (both physical and mental) are good.  Her 
eyesight is 20/20 and her hearing is also good.  She indicates that she has had UFO 
related experiences for most of her life.  These have included sightings, close 
encounters and paranormal activity.

1.3 Scope of Investigation

This investigation has focused on the witness's most recent sightings in Minnesota, 
plus a number of other events in her life which she considers to be of critical 
importance.  In all cases, she feels these events are unexplainable in terms of 
ordinary phenomenon.  She has indicated that there are many additional events which 
for varying reasons, were not included in this report.  Specifically, many events 
occurring while she lived in California have not been included in this report.  
However, these may be of interest to UFO investigators there.

She also indicates that some of her children may be undergoing UFO related 
experiences as well.  Thus, this case may be ongoing if she, or any members of her 
family decide to pursue the matter further.

In most cases, the investigation has consisted of witness interviews, plus 
obtaining context information (weather data, site visits, analysis, available 
information from local authorities, etc.).  In addition, several of the events in 
this report may be multiple witness events.  However, Minnesota MUFON has not yet 
been able to locate other witnesses to establish this.

2. Sighting and Encounter Descriptions

The remainder of this report describes the applicable cases in reverse 
chronological order.  The following cases are parts of this report:
(Note: All the reports below were added 9/29/97)
  1) Prior Lake, MN CE1 - 27 Jan 1997
  2) Hastings, MN CE1 - June 1996 (exact date unknown)
  3) St Paul, MN CE3/CE4 - November, 1993
  4) Lake Elmo, MN CE1/MA1 - 02 May, 1993
  5) White Bear Lake, MN CE1 - May, 1992 (exact date unknown)
  6) Lakeside, CA CE3/CE4 - Nov.,1978 (exact date unknown)
  7) Kayenta Valley, AZ CE1, CE5, CE4 - 6/69 (exact date unknown)

July '94 'Wolves on house' CE4 (Added 4/3/98)

Date of Sighting:  July, 1994 
Time of Sighting: Late night (wee hours)
Type of Report:  CE4 - Apparent close encounter in domain of phenomenon. 
No UFO observed.
Duration of Sighting: Unknown
Place of Sighting:  Witness's Parents home in Eau Claire, WI
Local Evaluation:  CE4 - Probable Unexplained         
Significance: Intermediate
Investigator: Craig R. Lang - Field Investigator, MN MUFON

Sighting Account:
The witness was visiting her mother in Eau Claire, WI.  It was on a July night, 
during the wee hours of the morning, when she suddenly found herself in her front 
yard, in her nightclothes and bare feet, looking toward her house (see pictures 
below).  She was about 100 feet away from the house, and could see a group of 
what she remembers as four or five "good sized coyotes or wolves" sitting on the 
top of her house looking down at her.  [CL Note: She was not able to describe the
"coyotes" in further detail, but felt they looked "furry".  Although she felt they 
were looking at her, she did not feel she could describe their eyes in detail].

Witness location in yard, view of "coyotes" on roof [drawn by witness and annotated by CL].

Witness being "escorted" by entities in direction of house
[drawn by witness and annotated by CL].

Note: the house is a one-story ranch house.  Thus the "coyotes" would have been about
15 to 20 feet above the ground, and about 100 to 120 feet away from her.  She felt 
that the night was pretty bright and clear (moonlit?).

Being both curious and frightened, she slowly began to walk toward the house.  As 
she did, she suddenly found herself being escorted in the direction of the house 
by what she felt were two entities behind her, one on either side.  She remembers 
that the entities were extremely close to her, but she did not look directly at 
them.  She can also remember that she was touched or gently guided by them.  She 
suddenly felt as though she was momentarily lifted - as if weightless and rising.  
She felt a momentary "sick" feeling [CL Note: perhaps like one would have in free
fall].  This was momentary - she was then in a white, brightly lighted hallway, 
about 3 feet wide.  

She was instructed to walk down the hallway [Note: she felt mentally compelled to
comply] toward a doorway approximately 10 feet to her right.  She walked through 
the doorway and entered a small room with a machine on the right side.  An entity 
(whose presence she could discern, but who's form she could not make out) seemed 
to be standing at the far end of the room, to the left of the machine.  She felt 
that the entity was smaller than she was.

Witness sketch [annotated by CL] showing layout of room with her, entity, and machine. 

She was initially very attracted to the machine (the part to the right), which she 
indicates seemed like a "fascinating" piece of technology.  It had a large number 
of bright, multicolored (mostly green and red) lights on it.  She was briefly allowed
to examine the machine but as she did, she suddenly found herself a few feet to the
left, in front of the middle portion. (See sketch below)

Witness sketch [annotated by CL] showing machine in which she was instructed to place hand.

The middle portion did not appear to have the lights and buttons which were present 
on the right-most machine. She observed what she described as a one to three inch 
thick flow of "green goo" coming from the machine on the right, through a trough 
that crossed the lower middle portion, and disappearing into the portion to the 
left.  She was instructed to put her hand in the "goo" which she indicated she 
found "gross" and repulsive.  She initially resisted, but was mentally compelled 
to do this, however.

She felt that overall, the machine was an experiment or game, there for her benefit.
It appeared to have no real purpose except to interact with her.  It was not 
necessary for the function of the entities "craft". When she placed her hand in 
the substance, contrary to her expectations, it "did not feel icky".  She felt 
no resistance, as if she were "putting her hand into air".  The substance seemed 
to behave more like a vapor, having little or no substance.  Rather, it seemed 
to "merge with her hand".  She remembers an immediate sense of relief at this.
She next found herself in a "fast fade" from her encounter with the "goo machine" 
to a conference with a number of entities in a larger circular room.  The room 
seemed featureless, with no visible doors or corners. She was accompanied by 
approximately five entities: a taller "leader" with four smaller entities to its 
left. The figure below shows a top view of her in relation to the entities.

Witness sketch [annotated by CL] showing top view of "conference" with entities.

This time she had a full view of the entities.  She indicated that she could see 
their features in great detail.  [CL Note: when asked about them, however, she 
again was unable to describe or draw them.]  She felt that the larger entity was
about five feet tall, and the other entities were considerably shorter.  They were 
all gray in color and wore tight fitting uniform-like clothes.  She got the 
impression from them that they were emotionless, and that while she was in their
presence, her emotions were also suspended.

The larger entity appeared to be mystified, and asked her a question which pertained 
to her health status [The specific nature of the question and health status are 
requested to remain confidential].  She explained in a one sentence explanation to 
the tall entity.  The tall entity then turned around and repeated a one word version 
of this to the smaller entities.  They then repeated it in what the witness felt was 
in unison.  [CL Note: She felt that all communication was non-spoken, probably 
telepathic]. The entities did not appear to move during this exchange.  However, 
they did turn to look at the "leader" when he "spoke". Following this, the witness
immediately found herself waking up back in her bed.  She indicates that she sat 
up suddenly, thinking "what was that?". 

Additional Witnesses:   
None are known.  Her mother was in the house, but the witness indicates that her 
mother did not feel that anything unusual had occurred that night.  [CL Note: Her 
mother does not want to be interviewed regarding this.  The witness indicates that 
her mother is not willing to discuss this topic with her, having unusually strong 
feelings to this effect.]

Weather Conditions:
Unknown - not available unless the date of the event can be determined.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
Assuming that the events which the witness describes are an objective experience, 
no known phenomena could produce the effects described.

Sighting Evaluation:
CE4 - Probable Unexplained,    Significance: Intermediate
If physical evidence or additional witnesses can be found relating to this event, 
then the significance would be considered high.

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St Paul, MN CE3/CE4 - November, 1993

Date of Sighting:   November 1993
Place of Sighting:  Witness's current residence (Note: Address on file with
Classification:     CE3 or CE4 - There was no UFO sighting associated with this
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained - High significance

Sighting Account
The witness awoke at about 2:00 AM and saw a light in the center of ceiling.  At that
point, she sat up in bed and saw three entities, each about 3 1/2 feet tall.  One was
located at the end of the bed and two at right side.  

Sketch of CE location floorplan

She indicates that she normally sleeps on her right side, with her feet out of covers.  
She was angered by an apparent intrusion into her residence, and when she sat up, she 
reached her right foot out and kicked one of them.  The kick hit the entity in the
shoulder area.  The entity flew backwards and landed about 3 feet away "on its rear".
She indicated that the kick "felt like it was hitting a light weight - not a lot of
substance".  She described the entities as being each about 3 1/2 feet high.  She
also noted that they appeared to be floating somewhat above the floor.  

Witness sketch of entity

She indicated that when she kicked the nearest entity, she realized that it really
was there (and that this was not merely a dream).  She remembered nothing further
about the encounter following that point.

The witness indicated that she has examined the ceiling many times since, trying to 
figure out what would cause the light she observed.  She has examined the possible
sources of reflected light, etc.  She has concluded that there was no known source
that would for this light. The witness has also indicated that she has not had
hypnotic regression, but is considering it in an effort to determine what happened
that evening.

Additional Witnesses:  

Weather Conditions:
Unknown - N/A.  No outdoor sighting of object or entity was involved

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
No known phenomenon, either natural or manmade appear to account for this encounter.

Sighting Evaluation:
Evaluation:  CE3 or CE4
Status: Unexplained,  of high value.

Sherry Entity Experience (Added 11/4/2002)


In November 1988, my Dad was at a convention, and I slept with my Mom.  The 
alarm clock went off, I popped up, sprung forward, then fell backwards.  I couldnít 
move, couldnít do anything but think.  I finally managed to move my foot, then my 
leg, then sat up on the edge of the bed.  Things felt like they were out of sync, 
like a wave moving.  I got up, put my hand on the door, walked toward the 
bathroom, put my hand on the wall, looked to the right into the dining room, and 
saw this black figure; it was if it reflected no light at all. Then I went into the 
bathroom.  I got the toothpaste, started to brush my teeth, then thought about the 
figure.  I peeked out of the bathroom, didnít see anything in the dining room any 
more.  The figure had been so black that I saw no features.  There is lots of light 
in our house from streetlights, etc. so I should have been able to see more than I 

The head was rounder than ours.  It also seemed bigger but not grossly.  It was 
not my nephew (who was living with us at the time), [he is] too tall.  The height of 
the black figure was about 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet tall, it was a little shorter than 
my Mom, who is 5 feet 1-1/2 inches tall.

My experiences go back to 1988; the first time was probably in July.  It was at 
night, I heard a sound like thousands of blowtorches.  I couldnít move. [She was 
sleeping on the sofa on the porch at home.] I donít know how long it lasted, it 
seemed like forever.  Then it cut off, and I ran to my parentsí room.  I called the 
police, they informed me that they had just received a call from someone just a 
couple of blocks from me regarding an unusual sound.  Another person I know 
who lives in the Camden area about a mile from the NSP generator plant, says 
they may have been letting off steam, but no way should I have heard it, since 
I live over 6 miles from the plant.  I called NSP and they informed me that they 
only let off steam about every ten years, and they said no way could I have 
heard it from where I live.

Three weeks later my parents were on the porch, around midnight, [they 
apparently heard the same sound I had heard,] my Dad wanted to go out [and 

look for it], but the sound cut off suddenly.  

A month later, [approx. December, 1988] Dad was home, I had the same out-
of-sync experience, with the wave thing.  [I was starting into the bathroom], Dad 
said to me "What are you doing?  You just went into the bathroom half an hour 
ago!"  He said I was wearing a white night gown.  I didnít have a white night 

Years later, my nephew told me of hearing about abductions.  [I hadnít heard 
of them.]

My most recent experience was at the end of March this year (2000).  Has 
anyone ever had the experience of coming back into their body?  It felt like 
something being thrown at me; it bounced off my bed, into me.  Our dog was 
still alive and jumped up, because she heard it.  It felt like it hit my chest area, 
but it hit on the left side of my bed first.  It was about early morning, I have it 
in my journal.

Lakeside, CA CE3/CE4 - Nov.,1978

Date of Event:   November 1978
Place of Event:   Witness former residence in Lakeside, CA  (Note: Address is on 
file with investigator)

Classification:   CE3 or CE4 - There was no UFO sighting associated with this encounter.  
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained - High significance

Sighting Account:
This encounter event took place in the witness's house in Lakeside, CA.  Witness 
sketches of the layout of the house and grounds are shown below.  The witness had
recently sold the house and was preparing to move at the time of the encounter.  

Sketch of house/grounds layout

At approximately two o'clock in the morning she awoke to get a glass of water.  Her 
bedroom was at the back (west) end of the hall with a door right adjacent, that went
to the guest room, and a door to the right, that went into her daughters bedroom. As
she came out of the bedroom, she saw an entity in the hall a few feet away from her
(see house layout sketch and floor plan).  She also indicated that the living room
(behind the entity) was very brightly lit.  She felt that it was unlikely that this
light could be due to headlights or the moon, given the layout of the house and
grounds, and the brilliant nature of the light.  

Witness sketch of house floorplan

Surprised, she thought something like: "Christ, what the hell is this?".   She started 
to move in the direction of the entity.  As she did, the entity moved away from her, 
toward the living room.  It appeared to her to move in response to her movements.  
The witness felt that she was looking at the back of the entity.  It was about 4 1/2 
feet tall, and floated about one foot off the floor, for a total of 5 1/2 feet.  It 
had a skinny, light-gray colored body and long, skinny arms.  (Note: She did not get 
a good look at its hands).  The entity had no visible hair or clothing except around 
its head, where it wore a dull grayish white band about 1 1/2 inch wide, which had a 
white glow at the edges.  The entity also appeared to be backlit with a luminescent 
glow in the manner similar to that surrounding the headband.  

Additionally, as the entity moved away from her, it appeared to move its arms up and 
down in a motion which she described as a slow-motion imitation of flapping wings.

Witness sketch of entity

The entity then turned its head to the left, allowing her to see a profile of its head.  
She noticed that it had large eyes. It then bowed its left arm at approximately the 
elbow level  and touched the left wall.  [Note: She felt that there was no discernable 
elbow, per se - the arm seemed more curved than bent.]  When it did this, the elbow 
passed into the wall. At the site where it entered, red then blue light or sparks 
appeared.  The entity continued to lean further into the wall and in this same manner, 
its entire body followed the left arm, passing into the wall.  Following the entity's
disappearance the witness remembers no further events or details of the encounter.

The witness thought at the time that the entity was a ghost.  Because of the headband, 
she felt that it was somehow Native American in nature.  She indicated that she 
subsequently removed and sold the picture on the wall (which contained Native American 
artifacts) which was hanging at the location where the entity disappeared. Later, when
she read the book "Communion" she noticed the similarity between the entity and those
described in the book. 

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known.

The witness's daughter was asleep in one of the bedrooms off the hall from the location 
of the encounter.  It is not known if the daughter experienced any encounter that
night. Unfortunately the daughter is not available to be interviewed about this event.

Weather Conditions:

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
No known phenomenon, either natural or manmade appear to account for this encounter.

Sighting Evaluation:
Evaluation:  CE3 or CE4
Status: Unexplained,  of high value.

Bagley, MN 1953, 1978 Abduction report

Date of Events: April of 1953 and (date unknown, possibly 04 July) 1978
Events Location: Bagley, MN
Local Evaluation: Possible Unexplained - Both events may be CE4's
Type of Report: Multiple Possible CE4s (occurring at different stages during life of witness)
Date of Report: 10 May, 1997
Investigator: Craig R. Lang - Field Investigator, MN MUFON

Sighting Background:
This case does not involve a UFO sighting but does involve multiple alleged encounters
with extraordinary entities. The witness indicates that he has memories of two
(possibly more) such close encounters. The witness has only fragmentary memories
of these events, which have surfaced during subsequent years.

Witness Description:
The witness is a 46 year old male. His occupation is as a freelance computer
programmer. He has a BS degree in Electronics and Industrial Arts. He is currently
working as a computer consultant to the banking industry. He describes his health
as good. His vision is nearsighted, but correctable to 20/20. He indicates that
his hearing is good although it is somewhat reduced in the upper frequency ranges.

The witness has had two apparent close encounter experiences. One was as a child the
other as an adult (along with his son), approximately 20 years ago. Both the witness
and his son have undergone hypnotic regression with another local UFO researcher.
The witness indicates that very little additional material emerged from these regressions.

The witness' nominal religious affiliation is Lutheran, but he indicates that he does
not have strong religious beliefs. His outlook regarding the subject of UFOs is
largely skeptical, although he finds the subject very interesting. He indicates that
(beyond his possible close encounters) he has not had any extraordinary (ie psychic
or paranormal) experiences. However, he indicates that one or more other family
members may have.

Note: During the interviews, when talking about the events, the witness often indicated
his nervousness. He also indicated that on the night before our interview, he had been
unable to sleep. However, in subsequent telephone conversations, he has expressed
skepticism regarding any potential reality of these experiences.

Sighting Accounts:
The witness has described two encounters, one as an adult in the summer of 1978 (with
his son, who was then age 4) and one at age 3 (in April of 1953). [CL Note: The date
was originally given as sometime in 1955 - probably July 4. The witness' mother later
informed me that it was in April of 1953]. The 1978 encounter was on a holiday,
probably July 4th weekend. Both the childhood and the adult experiences occurred at
his mother's house in Bagley, MN.

1953 Encounter (age 3):
The witness' first impression was that was he was initially not in his bedroom. He
feels that his whole family may have been present at this other location. However,
these memories are too fuzzy to clearly describe.

His next impression is that entities were explaining "why they were doing what they
were doing", and that "neither he nor his family would remember the encounter". He
indicates that at this, he got angry and broke out from control of the entities.
This apparently occurred shortly before the entities were ready to leave. He describes
attempting to remember the event, but apparently was not able to retain memories.
At that point, he woke up with the realization that he was not alone.

He sat up in his bed and opened eyes. A very bright light, apparently coming from
above the house, shone in both windows of his bedroom. The light was brilliant white
and he could tell that was it different from the sun. His bedroom had two walls
facing the outside of the house to the north and east sides. The light intensity
was roughly equal in both windows. He describes it as intense white, filling the
room. When he threw the bed covers over his head, he could still see it.

Although there was apparently nobody in the room, he still felt that he wasn't alone -
an entity was "inside of his mind". Both were one mind -everything that the entity
thought, he thought also. It seemed surprised that he had come out of control.
His next response was fear (he felt that the fear was mutual). Extremely frightened,
he threw his covers over his head.

After the encounter he got out of bed and went into his mother's room. His mother
comforted him and assured him that "it was a bad dream, go on back to bed..."

This childhood memory fragment remained with him for years. Later, in his adult life,
the memory began to strongly manifest itself, when his son complained about how he
"didn't want to go to Grandma's". His son explained that he was afraid to go there,
"because of the raisin men".

In addition, at the age of 32, the witness learned during conversation with his
mother (at a party) that their neighbor had seen a UFO (a large white ball of light)
over the house during his childhood encounter. This neighbor had watched the object
for several hours. Surprisingly, she had thought that his mother had known all about
this. (unfortunately this neighbor is no longer living). It is interesting to note
that while the childhood memory fragment is on the order of minutes in duration,
the neighbor indicated that the object was present for hours.

The witness' end reaction to this encounter has been a lasting childhood fear -the
witness describes it as "15 years of bad dreams." He had frequent nightmares until
age 16. He indicates that still thinks about it - and when he does, he can't sleep.

1978 or 1979 Encounter:
The time was late at night. The witness had been asleep. His initial memories of
the encounter were as if he were sleepwalking. He was conscious of walking toward
the back door of the house with two to three entities. In addition, there were two
to three more with his son, plus possible additional entities (perhaps up to eight
entities total). Upon noticing the entities with his son, he realized that the beings
with him were not normal. Parental concern for his son apparently brought him to
anger and consciousness.

He remembers that they had apparently walked from bedrooms (on the Northeast corner
of the house) and were walking through the kitchen, toward the back door (at the
south west corner of the house). The entities were facing away from him. At one point,
when he yelled to his son, however, the one or more of the entities did turn around
to face him.

He describes the entities as short: about 4 ft tall, with no discernable clothing.
The entities were actually a little bit bigger than his son (age 4). They had no
hair and their skin was gray and wrinkled. There were no discernable nose, ears, or
mouth, and he could not see their eye color. He could not tell any thing about their
hands or fingers. They wore no discernable helmet, hood, or clothing. He noticed
no apparent genitalia. He also could not remember sensing any odor.

The entities' movement was stiff legged, not very fluid. They apparently held
nothing (no tools) in their hands. The entities were very close to him -inches
away - but did not touch him. He was positioned between the entities. He could
sense a subtle form of control over him, but no actual communication. He got the
impression that they were not intelligent, just drones or minions. He felt a sense
of purpose of some other entity which controlled them. He also felt that these
entities overall could speak telepathically with him and his son.

To him at the moment, it somehow seemed "perfectly normal" to be walking with these
entities. However, he apparently was "awakened" by parental concern as he realized
that the were also were taking his son. At this point, he got angry, which seemed
to momentarily break their control. [Note: he indicates that this felt similar to
what happened during his childhood encounter]. He feels that this anger was what
made him conscious. He remembers that tried to be angry. He was unable to do
anything himself but shouted at his son to hit/kick them, to get angry. His son
hit the entity (in the nose area). However, his son was too small to make much of
an impression on the entity. The entity did not appear to react, respond, or even to

He then tried to shut his eyes and reproduce the same sense of fear had as kid -to
try to terminate the encounter. From that point, he remembers nothing more. He
estimates that the entire remembered portion of the encounter lasted anywhere
between 5 and 40 seconds.

Aftermath Events:
The witness indicates that it was many years before he put together the 1953 and
1978 encounters. About two years ago, his son described his perception of the event,
which closely matched his memory. They both concluded that it wasn't a dream, but
that it was not like was they were fully awake -it merely felt unreal. His son has
little more memory of the event than he does, although, he indicated that his son
remembers actually going to the door. In addition his son described on more than one
occasion "Raisin men" looking over the bed at him. Unfortunately, at the present
time, his son doesn't want to be involved in the investigation.

The witness also has other vague memory fragments of events which may be related
to this event (or possibly to related events). One such memory is of going out
into field and watching -knowing they were coming. Another is a vague memory of the
interior of a room, including a vertical column. However, these fragments are not
sufficiently well-defined to document.

He also indicates that he had difficulty watching UFO or close-encounter related
television programs or videos, such as "Communion" and "Intruders".

Additional Witnesses:
During the apparent 1953 abduction event, an object was apparently observed by a
neighbor. Unfortunately this neighbor is now deceased. However, the witness' mother
described what the neighbor lady had told her. This appears to corroborate the
witness' account.

In addition, the witness' son was involved in the 1978 encounter. Unfortunately, at
this time, the son is not willing to be interviewed.

There are also additional indications of possible UFO-related events which occurred
in the area at about the time of the 1978 event. We are continuing to look into these.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
Assuming that these events occurred as the witness remembers them, no known phenomena
(either natural or artificial) could account for them.

Sighting Evaluation: Possible CE4s, unexplained, Significance: Ordinary

Given the fragmentary nature of the witness' memories, it is not possible to fully
substantiate this event. In addition, given the witness skepticism, these events
must be termed as possible CE4s, of ordinary significance.

The witness' mother has indicated that other UFO related events have occurred in the
area around Bagley and Oakley, Minnesota, at the approximate time of the 1978/79
encounter. These events may be related in some way to the events of this report.
This investigation is on-going. Should sufficient information become available a
followup report will be made.

Witness sketch of floor plan of house, showing probable path from bedroom (lower right) to location of memory and entities (center left).

Witness sketch of entities with son (age 4) 1978 encounter.

Witness sketch of bedroom layout in 1953 encounter. Room is on the northeast side of the house. North is to the left.

Kayenta Valley, AZ CE1, CE5, CE4 - 6/69

Date of Sighting:   June 1969
Place of Sighting:  Kayenta Valley, Northeastern Arizona. Driving N or NE on US 
Hwy 160 between Flagstaff, AZ and Four Corners. The exact location is not known, 
but from the sighting description, it is possible that the encounter occurred 
just north of the intersection with US Hwy 64, shortly prior to arriving at Four 
Classification:    CE1/CE4/CE5 (close approach of object, with probable abduction, 
and subsequent medical effects) 
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained - High Significance

Sighting Account
The witness and her four-year-old daughter were in their car, driving north to
northeast from Flagstaff, Arizona, toward four-corners (AZ, CO, UT, NM).  She had
stopped at approximately 11:30AM MDT for lunch at a cafe just beyond the turnoff
to Farmington, NM [Possibly US Hwy 64].  Both had hamburgers, the witness drank
three cups of coffee, and her daughter had a Coca Cola.

They continued on, and at approximately 2:00 PM MDT she "felt as if something had
hit me over the head".  The car went off the road, nearly going into the ditch.
She got the car back onto the road, but realizing that something was wrong, she
pulled off onto the shoulder.  She turned off the car, rolled the window down a
little bit, told her daughter that she had to close her eyes, and instructed her
to "go to sleep".  At approximately 3:30 PM MDT, she awoke with her body hanging
over the steering wheel.  Her head was resting on the wheel with her arms hanging
at her side. [Note: the witness subsequently indicated that she feels she was
abducted during that 1 1/2 hours].

When she awoke, she looked up to the left and saw a large object, approximately two
hundred feet away.  She indicates that she felt euphoric: exhilarated, while still
relaxed and comfortable, as if she had been drugged.  As she watched the object,
she realized that this was a flying saucer and she began to feel fear.  At this time,
she heard a voice saying "Do not be afraid".  She was initially frightened by the
voice, but then the feeling of euphoria returned.

She watched the object for about two to five minutes.  She indicates that she was
considering getting out of the car and walking toward it.  She had her hand on the
door handle, ready to get out, when the object began to move away.  It moved slowly
at first, ascending to about 100 feet, but maintaining the same tilted attitude.
It then shot instantaneously away, in a North-Northeasterly direction parallel to
the highway.  

She felt that its size increased as it moved.  As it departed, she noticed it
momentarily over the lower Rocky mountains.  She felt that the object seemed to span
between two peaks, with the rim on either side appearing to be directly over a peak.
She estimates that the peaks were a mile or more apart at this point, thus making
the object about a mile across as well.  [Note: She indicated that the object might
have actually entered another, larger object, which she had not seen].  At that point
the object simply disappeared.

She started the car, and after the object disappeared, she resumed her drive as far
as Cortez, Colorado.  She indicates that she continued to feel a sense of euphoria
for the remainder of that drive.  As she drove she also continued to look for the
object, but did not see it again.

Object Description:
The witness described the object as a "flying saucer" shape with a dome (see witness 
sketch of the object below).  The object was at least 300 feet in diameter, with a
thickness of about 50 feet. At its rim it was about 10 feet thick.  The rim was
vertical, but appeared somewhat rounded (more so than shown in the sketch).  There
were no visible seams, or features on the object.  The object did not appear to be

The object was tipped toward her, with its near edge being about 30 feet above the
ground and its far edge being about 60 feet up.  As it initially moved slowly away
from her, the motion was smooth (not erratic or choppy).  It then departed with an
extremely rapid (nearly instantaneous) rate of speed.

Witness sketch of object

Medical Effects:
After the sighting, as they drove to Cortez, CO, they both felt the onset of nausea,
which increased as they continued. When they arrived in Cortez, and checked into a
motel, they noticed that their skin was extremely red, like a severe sunburn [Note:
They had not been in the sun much that day].  Her daughter also had developed a rash
of purplish blotches - mostly on her chest and arms.  The witness also had these
blotches, but not nearly as pronounced.  The blotches were about the size of a
quarter, and were irregular in shape.  They did not appear to be raised.  

The two went out for dinner that evening, and found that they were both unable to eat.
In fact they were both unable to eat for at least a couple of days.  The witness's
nausea effects continued to some degree for a couple of weeks.  Her daughter's
illness was more severe and continued for a total of about three weeks. In addition
to the nausea, both experienced hair loss.  Large chunks of hair came out when combed.
This began about 2 to 4 days after sighting.  It lasted about two weeks and abated at
about the same time as the nausea abated.

Additional Witnesses:  
To her knowledge, the witness was the only one to see the object.  Her daughter was
in the car, but was asleep at the time and the witness elected not to awaken her.
However, both experienced the medical effects described above. At the present time
the daughter does not wish to discuss any UFO related topics.

The witness describes the area in which they were driving as nearly deserted.  Thus,
it is unlikely that anybody else observed the object or the encounter.

Weather Conditions:
The exact weather conditions are not known.  However, the witness described the sky
as clear.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
In my view, no known phenomena, either natural or human-made, could explain the
events and the subsequent medical effects, which the witnesses describes.

Sighting Evaluation:
This sighting has multiple classifications:
          CE1 - Close approach of object
          CE4 - Missing time, Probable Abduction
          CE5 - Medical Effects - The description suggests significant exposure to
		        some form of radiation or chemical toxicity.

Evaluation: Unexplained.  
Significance: Due to the extraordinary nature of the encounter, I feel that the 
significance should be rated as "high".

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