Oct '94 Crop Circles Analysis

Actual Milaca Crop Circle
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Note: This article is a thoughtful personal analysis based on the scientific data by investigator Bob Schultz.

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Click here for a distant view of the Milaca Crop Circle. Added 4/30/2002

Click here for a closeup view within the large circle. Added 4/30/2002


[ This article appeared in the September 1995 Minnesota MUFON Newsletter, Issue #55, page 5. ]

Rural Milaca, MN Crop Circle Formation

Report #33, dated January 31, 1995, has been published by Dr.Levengood, Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, Grass Lake, MI.

Dr Levengood's conclusions follow: "In this formation complex, the data provide very clear evidence that the rapid, thermal energy delivered within the formations was sufficient to alter the cell wall pit structures within the developing ears [of corn]. These changes were consistent within two independently obtained sample sets within matching sampling locations. ["R group" by Ms. Sally Rayl and "S group" by Mr. Robert Schultz] The distribution of the energies throughout these circle formations appears to be very complex, a situation which is consistent with what has been documented in many other crop formations."

The full three page Report #33 can be obtained from BLT Research, Box 127, Cambridge, MA 02140. Please enclose a stamped self addressed business size envelope.

Blaine, MN Crop Circle

Click here for Blaine Crop Circle image.

Click here for image of center area showing a white area on the ground. Added 4/30/2002

Click here for image of white area after some powder was scraped into
(sorry we did not capture a close up of the area before we
disturbed it). Also shown is one of several amber crystals we found under
the white powder. Added 4/30/2002

Click here for a magnified picture of a clover leaf discovered in the
white powder area.
Probably the white powder was disolved by
dew on the leaf which later evaporated leaving the long spiral
crystaline form of the white powder stuck to the leaf. Using
energy dispersive spectral analysis, the white powder is mostly
Calcium with Silicon, Sulphur and Sodium also present. Since
there was no carbon peak, the powder is obviously non-organic
and very unusual to be found in the center of a crop circle
formation. Added 4/30/2002

This circle is unusual because of the physical evidence left behind. The physical samples submitted to Dr. Levengood included ears of corn, velvet leaf cockle burr weeds, white granules that were found on the ground near the center of the circle, yellow crystals beneath the white granules and magnetic material collected by dragging a magnet though the dirt.

The ears of corn show the same cell wall pit distortions as the Milaca crop circle. The weeds show a definite scrape mark on the side of each stalk. The yellow crystals are a natural organic resin - probably aromatic terpene. They were analyzed by using Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and are primarily composed of carbon with some oxygen, sulphur, sodium and silicon. They are not unusual. But, why were they there beneath the white granules?

The really perplexing samples collected are the magnetite and white granules. Magnetite, Fe3O4, is deposited on earth from space by meteoritic material floating down through the atmosphere. The magnetite collected from within the circle is unusual. EDS results showed the magnetite to be very pure. Under microscopic examination, samples contain a high composition of little spheres from 2 to 100 microns in diameter. Normal magnetite particles are not as pure and are more irregular in shape. Dr Levengood said, "I've been having people drag magnets over in England this year in the formations and no one has found any appreciable magnetic material yet and you found a ton of it." The white granules are inorganic and most unusual. EDS results showed this material is composed primarily of Calcium with Silicon, Oxygen, Sulphur and Sodium. It dissolves readily in water. When the water evaporates, this material forms unusual corkscrew like crystals (See photograph).

These crystals look similar to organic DNA chains. Dr. Levengood has never seen inorganic material grow helical crystals like this.

I'm sticking to my original theory that the physical evidence suggests a space ship landed and left behind markings, space dust and white residue.

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