Jan. thru Dec., 1999 Crop Circles

July, 1999 Crop Circles (Last Update= 8/2/99)
Sept., 1999 Crop Circles (Added 10/27/99)

July, 1999 Crop Circles


The Hamel MN crop circle found on 7/11/99 was sampled on 8/1/99.  
There were 22 days between discovery and photo. So, there are quite 
a few walking paths to the south, to the north, between the 10 small 
circles and between the small circles and the ring around the center 
circle. Witnesses living close by say the formation was more distinct 
earlier. Many of the stalks originally laid flat are starting to 
upright themselves.

The circle can be seen on an upslope in a wheat field from the North 
side of Hwy 55 about .6 miles West of Hwy 101 in Plymouth, MN. North 
is towards the top of the photo.  The wheat rows run north and south.
The formation consists of a center circle 35 feet in diameter 
surrounded by a thin ring 60 feet in diameter and 5 small perimeter 
circles on each side moving outward from the ring as in a spiral.  
Widest point is 120 feet.  Rotation of lay is CCW in all parts. The 
field is predicted to be harvested soon.

Small image of entire area.

Image of of entire area (slope).

Cropped image of circle blowup.

Casey Holt, Tex Ritter and Bob Schultz took crop and dirt samples 
on August 1st.  Samples are being sent to Dr. Levengood of the BLT 
Research Team for analysis.

Bob & Casey

Sept., 1999 Crop Circles


Below is a sketch of a crop cirlce in Verona, WI just southwest of 
Madison. It was found in a field of tall grass which might be a 
variety of timothy grass by the looks of it.  The ring diameter was 
about 96 feet and the lay was in a counterclockwise swirl and going 
outward from the ring in the 3 offshoot spokes.  As of Oct 10th, 1999 
a significant amount of upright reorientation of the plants in the 
downed area might indicate that it was formed at least a few weeks 
before that.  If anyone might recognize the significance of this 
shape you can notify me at Caholt@juno.com.
Casey Holt

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