Crop Circle Investigation Reports for Jan thru Dec., 1999 (MN, WI)

Verona, WI (Oct., 1999) Crop Formation Follow-up Report - March 28, 2000

On March 25, 2000 I drove to Verona, WI with Roger Colby from Eau Claire, WI to 
further investigate the Verona crop formation.  It had been over 5 months since I first 
went to see it briefly last October of 1999.  Now that the winter snow had melted it might 
be a good chance to find out more about this formation and perhaps take measurements 
to document the geometrical layout.  

Click here for drawing of cropcircle.

Click here for map of location of cropcircle.

We had scheduled a ride in a small plane from the town of Middleton about 9 miles north 
of Verona to get some overhead pictures.  The clouds and rain had cleared from the 
previous few days allowing good visibility.  Although it was terribly windy we managed 
to get some photographs including some with infrared film.  It took two tries to get us 
landed because of the strong wind.

Click here for overhead image of cropcircle.

Next we went back to Verona to look for someone who might know something about the 
crop formation.  A gentleman at one of the farms to the north of the crop circle pulled in 
just as we got there.  He did not know much about the crop circle as far as how it got 
there or when it was made.  In fact he had first heard about this from a friend around 
December of 1999 since they don't go back in that field very often.  Its existence was 
reported to us during early September of 1999 perhaps by someone driving by who 
recognized that it was a crop circle.  I am guessing it was perhaps made sometime in 
August or September when the grass was still somewhat green.

We then drove over to the field to take photos and measurements of the geometry.  The 
grass was very thick and difficult to see where it was bent but it appeared to be bent 
mostly right near the roots.  The remains of a foxtail tip on the grass was like that found 
on timothy grass which might indicate it was a variety of timothy although it was perhaps 
4 to 5 feet tall in places.  The formation was still in fairly good condition considering it 
was over 5 months old.  Some deer tracks and trails were found in the field surrounding 
the pictogram as were a few downed patches where deer could have laid.  Besides this, 
the formation was mostly undisturbed although it had a rough appearance in places where 
the grass had grown up again after it was made.

Click here for image of inside of cropcircle.

The lay rotation was in a counterclockwise direction in both the large 61 foot diameter 
center circle and outer ring which measured about 101 feet in diameter by 6 feet thick.  
Between the center circle and outer ring was a ring of standing crop about 12 to 14 feet 
thick.  The grass in the 3 outer radial spokes that connected to the outer ring was laid 
outward away from the center.  These 3 outer spokes were each about 20 feet long by 3 
or 4 feet wide and nearly evenly spaced on the ring at 120 degrees apart.  They were 
however curved or bent somewhat instead of going straight out from the center.  The 
spoke toward the NE was curved toward the right as going out from the ring and the 
spoke toward the south was bent at about 15 degrees to the left at about 5 feet out from 
the ring but otherwise fairly straight.  The spoke toward the NW appeared narrower than 
the other 2 and it seemed to curve somewhat to the right going out but this was not clear 
as it was no longer well defined.  Inside the center 61 foot diameter circle were 2 arcs of 
standing crop about 22 feet from end to end by 2-1/2 feet thick and 18 feet apart at the 
ends.  Each was about a 1/4 section of a standing up ring.  These reminded me of the 2 
outer magnetic poles of a DC electric motor as a comparison to their shape. 

Click here for image of edge of cropcircle.

The grass in several places in the center circle and ring especially toward the north side 
was standing upright at an angle like it had grown back up again after the formation was 
made.  The location of the center swirl appeared to be shifted from the geometric center 
by about 1 foot to the north based on an average of measurements and interpretation of 
where the center swirl actually was.  The lay of stalks looked similar to the lay in other 
formations that I have seen.  I did not see any evidence that would indicate how this 
formation was made or what its purpose might be.  If anyone might have more 
information about the time it was made or might have seen something unusual in that 
area we would be interested.  Please contact me at  
Thanks to Roger Colby and everyone else that made this trip work.
Casey Holt

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