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On 8-16-99, Tuesday, a farmer reported a suspicious cattle death 
to the Hutchinson County  Sheriff.  He had found one of his bulls 
dead in the pasture.  The bull was laying on its back on top of 
the fence, its reproductive organs removed. The wounds were 
clean and did not appear to have been caused by predators.  There 
was no blood, no sign of a struggle and no obvious cause of death.

After examination, the animal was left to lay in the pasture.  Even
after several days of ninety degree weather, decomposition was minimal
and the carcass was untouched by flies and scavengers (and believe me,
we have plenty of both around here!).

That same night (so I was told ), another man (of Menno) was driving 
home and spotted lights in a field near the farmer's.  He pulled into a 
field road ( an access road for tractors and such) and drove towards
the lights to investigate.  He was chased out of the field by the 
lights and drove to friends house who also saw the lights.  There is 
a discrepency here--a coworker of my husband insists that Fred told 
her that the lights came from above but our neighbor says they were
ground-based spot lights.

On 8-23-99, Tuesday, another farmer (of Menno) also reported a 
suspicious cattle death to the sheriff.  His was a heiffer, found dead
with the reproductive organs removed.  I don't have any other details
about that one.

Farmer #1 lives about two miles from us-- Farmer #2, about three fourths of
a mile.  Most of the farmers around us have cattle but the farms are
small and can be easily protected from coyotes  by a good dog --and

everyone has dogs.  There is a sort of coyote "highway" that follows a
natural drainage from the highway to our place and farther northwest.  
We've seen coyotes traveling that way several times and thats were the 
hunters find them in the fall.

It has been unseasonably hot and dry for the last six weeks;  water
holes are dry and small animal populations seem to be down (rabbits,
coons and such).  It is possible that coyotes are starting to raid
pastures out of neccessity for food and water.  Although how a coyote or
a pack of coyotes could drop a bull on top of a fence is beyond me.

[NOTE: The article below is NOT reperesentative of the beliefs of the 
local Sheriff, but those of Randy Dockendorf - we know, we have talked 
to the Sheriff in person. It was NOT a predator killing. We are cuurently
investigating these mutilations and a full report will be presented when
available. MN MUFON]

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Hutchinson County Livestock Deaths Under Investigation     
BY RANDY DOCKENDORF, P&D Regional Editor  

MENNO -- The Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office is not releasing 
information at the present time on its investigation into unusual 
livestock deaths during the last two weeks. Menno farmer Milo Hauck, 
whose herd was among those affected, said he was unsure of the cause 
of his livestock's death.

"I had one incident that was questionable, and I knew something funny 
was going on," he said. "What happened to my bull looked suspicious, 
so I turned it in to the sheriff's department and they are handling 
it from there." The sheriff's office said Thursday that the 
investigation was ongoing, so information was not being released. 
Hutchinson County last saw similar livestock deaths in 1993, according 
to the sheriff's office.

While some Hutchinson County residents speculate that mutilation was 
involved, the cause has not been officially determined. At the state 
level, the South Dakota Attorney General's office in Pierre has not 
heard of recent cases involving unusual livestock deaths, according 
to spokesman Bob Gray. Agriculture Secretary Darrell Cruea said he 
was also unaware of similar cases around the state. However, he said 
such incidents would be handled through state veterinarian Dr. Sam 
Holland and the state Animal Industry Board.

Yankton County Sheriff Dave Hunhoff said he is familiar with livestock 
deaths similar to the ones under investigation in Hutchinson County. 
However, Hunhoff said he hasn't seen any suspicious livestock deaths 
in Yankton County for the past 10 to 12 years.

"There should be a thorough investigation on any reports of the same 
type of incidents," he said. "Experts who examine the animals have 
found the very same type of injury -- the same type of cutting and 
location to the animal -- that I have heard reported in Hutchinson 
County." While Hunhoff encourages any producer to check out livestock 
deaths, he said predators are more often the culprit than people.

"This could be the work of wild animals, like wild dogs," he said. 
"We were told by experts several years ago, when we had similar 
questions arise, that you will see biting around the mouth area of 
the animals." The attackers choose the method on purpose, Hunhoff 
said. "The wild dogs or coyotes will bite the animal to make it run 
until it collapses. They usually attack in packs, and they bite at 
the mouth and jaw area so the animal panics and runs until it falls," 
he said. "You will often see the animal cut up around the anal and 
genital areas because that is where the soft tissue is. Then the 
attackers can eat their way into the animals."

The animal's wounds will often appear as if they were done with a 
cutting instrument, Hunhoff said. "While it looks like the animal 
was perfectly cut with a knife, it could also be the work of animals 
with sharp teeth," he said. "You can't tell visually if it was from 
a knife cut." Hunhoff said wild animals -- rather than a cult-like 
mutilation -- are more likely the cause of unusual livestock deaths 
in the area. "I am skeptical of those (mutilation) reports," he said. 
"I think, if a person sits back and watches or uses a camera, he will 
see animals eating on his livestock. I know of some of the incidents 
where farmers watched the carcass and the wild coyotes would come 

However, Hunhoff said he does not dismiss any case. He encourages 
producers to check out anything unusual. Producers can contact their 
Extension office or sheriff's office, he said. "If anything looks 
suspicious, I suggest you have it examined under a microscope," he 
said. "You can find some lab to do it." Hunhoff suggested the South 
Dakota State University lab in Brookings. "They already do a rabies 
analysis on the heads of suspicious animals, and they do some other 
examinations, too," he said. "With these animals, they take a sample 
of the hide. The lab can tell under the microscope fairly easily if 
it was done by animals or a knife."

Livestock deaths, particularly those of an unusual nature, are 
reported most often in the summer, Hunhoff said. "Animals are usually 
out this time of year," he said. "You might see them in the feedlots 
over the winter, but generally there are fewer animals out on the 
range." Hunhoff said he suspects the work of several animals in cases 
such as Hutchinson County. "Strong animals could tear away at the 
throat, but if it's a small predator around here, they couldn't do 
it alone," he said. "Your common sense would tell you that smaller 
animals do not ordinarily go through heavy hide and eat another animal 
by themselves. They would usually do it in a pack."

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[Editor's Note: How does a predator core out the anus of a cow 6-10
inches deep into the carcass?]


Nancy Talbott from the BLT Research Team writes the most 
interesting report I have heard lately concern's a rancher and 
his wife in South Dakota. Their 1800 pound bull was found lying 
impaled on a barbed-wire fence and mutilated a month ago. Ten 
days later, a neighbor located only half a mile away found a 
mutilated cow.  They also reported seeing "columns, or shafts, 
of light" coming down from above.  There was no discernible 
source where the light could be emanating.  Ted Phillips reports 
that Missouri residents were also seeing "puddles" of light, 
which illuminated various areas of their fields.  However, they 
had not seen a column or shaft of light coming down to the 
'puddle' of light.  Again there was no obvious source of the 
illumination.  I'm getting weird stories from all over the world 
including a lot of crop circle activity in Canada.  I phone 
people all over the world and never mention UFOs, but after 
collecting some facts they volunteer they are seeing them.  
Thanks to  Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team for the update. (Nancy Talbott) 

Charlois Bull Mutilated

      In October of 1993, a Charolais bull and 2 cows were mutilated 
on a ranch near DeSmet, South Dakota. The cows were found 3 miles 
apart form each other and the bull was located 7 miles from the cows.

      "These mutilations are unlike anything Iíve ever seen in my 
50-plus years in the cattle business," ranch owner Art Geyer stated. 
He also said he knew the cattle had not died of natural causes. Geyer 
reported that the testicles and penis of the bull had been removed, 
the rectum had been cored out and the ear and tongue removed. He said 
the only noticeable blood was in the area where the bullís tongue had 
been removed. A hole approx. 1/4 inch in diameter was found in the 
bullís neck near the brisket. It was about 1 1/2 inches deep, the 
hair was gone around the edge of the hole, it appeared to have had 
heat applied, was dark in color, Art described it as a "plug hole".
The cows were similarly mutilated. Geyer said that absence of blood
had really confused him. It was also unusual that no predators had
apparently bothered the cows for days while they lay in the field.


Cattle Mutilation Investigation reports will be here.


See NIDS for scientific analysis of mutilated cattle.

Subject: cattle mutilation report

Reported to local authorities:  November 10, 1997
Location:   Farm located 41/4 miles N.E. of Wiber, Nebraska 
Situation: Female cow 6 years old, 1050 lbs, found still warm, no sign
of cause of death from autopsy, udder completely cut off and the lip.
Cow was brown/gray, farmer had seen her the day before alive and
appearing healthy. She had a 4-6 week old calf (white faced black body
120 lbs. Angus sired) that is still missing. (unusual, the bull was
nearby but in another fenced area, and the calf SHOULD have been yelling
and upset but has not yet been found) 18' surgical incisions to remove
lip and udder. No fraying, very deliniated. (no bleeding found, but
blood still in body).

Vetrinary doing autopsy said he had a case EXACTLY like this one in the
area 8 years ago. He will be a 'go between' for the party who's cow it
was in 1989 who wishes to remain annonymous. 

Some local officials speculate that "because it is hunting season, the
cow may have been shot and then mutilated to make it look like
'satanists' to cover up".

An article will run in the small local newspaper "The Crete News" in
Crete, NE.......deadline is Tuesday midnight. Paper available Wednesday

Cattle Mutilation Investigation Information
by Ted Oliphant III

Hello, I'm Ted Oliphant, as a police officer in Fyffe, Alabama I 
investigated over 35 cases of cattle mutilations over a six month 
period from Oct 1992 through May 1993. 

Over the last ten years, law enforcement in dozens of States have 
been trying to track and identify unmarked helicopters sighted 
where area livestock have been discovered dead under suspicious 
circumstances. The helicopters are seen before and after these 
cows are found in pastures, missing certain organs. The same 
things are always taken. Bovine jaws are stripped to the bone, 
reproductive organs removed, digestive tracks and rectums "cored" 
out. There is little to no blood at the scene. Tissue samples 
taken by police investigators and analyzed at veterinary labs, 
all show signs of exposure to heat, three hundred degrees or 
more. The tissue is cooked and the incisions are cauterized by 
the heat. This prevents blood and other fluids from leeching onto 
the ground. Everything taken has to do with input, output and 
reproduction. In recent mutilation cases, Alabama 1993 & 1994, 
California 1996 and Florida 1997; pharmaceuticals have been found 
in bovine blood. They are: Barbiturates, Anti-coagulants, 
Synthetic Amphetamines, Aluminum-Titanium-Oxygen-Silicon flakes, 
and Antimony (Antimony: A brittle lustrous white metallic element 
occurring in nature, free or combined, used chiefly in alloys and 
in compounds in medicine. Webster's). The drugs found are NOT 
veterinary drugs, they are pharmaceuticals associated with 
humans. Among those law enforcement agents who have thoroughly 
investigated these bovine excision sites, there is a consensus 
that some kind of medical testing going on. The additional 
presence of un-marked helicopters on scene, before and after 
cattle are found dead missing specific organs, leads both 
victimized farmers and investigating officers to conclude that 
there is a connection. But why use human drugs on cows? Use your 

Every organ taken from affected livestock has to do with input, 
output and reproduction. Where entire jaws have been excised in 
large, oval excisions, the bone is exposed and is perfectly 
clean. The wounds have been cauterized and there is no presence 
of blood. The jaw is an important part because enzymes are 
produced there. Enzymes that can kill viruses and bacteria, it's 
an antibody factory. The digestive track also acts as a filter, 
that absorbs, collects and stores traces of any chemical or toxin 
introduced. The rectum is a similar filter as are ears. They 
store traces of toxins and chemicals like a library. Because many 
diseases (like CJD & BSE ) can be inherited, the reproductive 
system may be a good place to find look for clues on how it 
passed to the next generation.

In 1993, I got a call from a man who told me that if I went to a 
certain place on a certain evening, I would see several 
helicopters land and refuel. He was right. Well after dark, two 
Chinook helicopters (The large twin rotor type) landed in the 
field behind some trees and opened their doors revealing large 
black plastic fuel bladders. Minutes later several smaller scout 
helicopters landed nearby, shut down and crews from the Chinooks 
walked over with large hoses and refueled each of a half dozen 
helicopters. The whole operation took less than 30 minutes and 
the helicopters took off and headed across the border where we 
tracked them to their home base, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Now we 
knew who they were but we couldn't figure out why they refueled 
on Sand Mountain. The next morning a reporter, Steven Smith from 
the Rainsville Weekly Post, called the Public Affairs Officer, 
William Gibbons of the 101st Airborne and asked if they might've 
been in our area the previous evening. "We have no aircraft in 
your area, it wasn't us" said the captain. It certainly was. So 
we knew then that some kind of secret operation was being 
conducted, but we didn't know what it was. We still don't, but 
when you look at each piece of evidence and try to use them as 
puzzle pieces, these so called "cattle mutilations" might be 
associated with government studies of epidemiology. With BSE & 
CJD being such devastating "new" diseases, is it possible than 
many alleged cases of "cattle mutilations" are actually evidence 
of our tax dollars at work?

The Evidence Suppression Team from Maxwell Air Force Base, 
Alabama; & The F.A.A. Investigation of un-marked helicopters over 
Sand Mountain.

The 101st Airborne Division is not suspected of being directly 
involved in the cattle mutilations that occurred between Oct. 
1992 through May of 1993. But is seems possible they may have 
refueled the un-marked helicopters that we eventually traced to 
Maxwell Air Force Base. The 101st's inability to tell the truth 
about where they had been, seems to be a constant in Federal 
Government employee behavior: You don't tell the truth unless 
somebody holds a gun to your head.

When un-marked helicopters were witnessed by local farmers and 
law enforcement officers, Albertville Police's Chief of 
Detectives Tommy Cole called in the Federal Aviation 
Administration to investigate. Detective Cole had lost a cow to 
the phantom surgeons and his wife had seen an un-marked 
helicopter over their pasture January 8th, 1993; the day before 
they discovered one of their Black Angus steers mutilated. An FAA 
investigator came to Albertville and Cole took him for a ride in 
his police car. The FAA investigator was skeptical until an 
un-marked helicopter flew near them. The FAA investigator 
couldn't believe his own eyes and pulled out a hand held radio 
and hailed the helicopter. The helicopter pilot didn't respond 
and ignored demands that he identify himself. This infuriated the 
FAA investigator who had now reversed his skepticism. He was able 
to trace the helicopter to Maxwell Air Force Base in Southern 
Alabama. When he launched an inquiry at the base, he was 
immediately told to drop it and never talk about again. A week 
later Chief Detective Cole received a call after midnight, it was 
the FAA investigator. It seems that while out in a boat on nearby 
Lake Guntersville, he and his family had witnessed a large 
triangle shaped craft flying maneuvers above them. I wonder if he 
ever reported that to his superiors?

President Ronald Reagan once hypothesized: "What if one day we all 
found that we faced a common threat from outer space, wouldn't we 
all put aside our differences and work together?". 

If you have any information, pertinent speculation or a rebuttal, 
please contact me.

Ted Oliphant III email: (510) 486 0611

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