Crop Circle Investigation Reports for Aug. - Dec., 1997 (MN, WI)

Aug., 1997 Crop Circle Investigation Reports
(Last Update= 12/5/97)

Aug., 1997 Crop Circle Investigation Reports

Report From Chad Lewis - WI MUFON State Director

On September 10 I contacted Nancy Talbot of BLT research about 
investigating the crop circles in Wausau.  She sent me a copy of 
the article that appeared in the August 15th edition of the Wausau 
newspaper.  On Thursday September 11th I drove to Wausau.  The farm 
land was located at Highway N and 41st Street.  I arrived at 9:00 AM 
and proceeded to talk with the owner of the land who made it very 
clear that he wanted to remain anonymous.  He seemed very nervous 
and looked as though he just wanted to return to his chores.  he 
agreed to a few questions.  He had confirmed that no one else from 
any other agency had contacted him.  He told me that the circles had 
appeared either late in the evening on Wednesday the 13th of August 
or early morning Thursday the 14th of August.  When asked if he had 
seen any unusual people or sights in the area around that time he 
said "no".  He then informed me that the crop was cut about 7-10 
days earlier.  His house sits on top of a hill about 200 feet East 
of the circles.  He then told me to do what ever I needed to do for 
the investigation.  He told me that he assumed that young kids did 
this to his crop.  When asked why he felt like this he replied "who 
else would have done this".  As we walked toward the circles I 
noticed that on the other side of the hill toward the West was a 
still very noticeable Crop Circle that had not been reported in 
the newspaper.  He told me that this circle appeared on the Saturday 
morning after the paper came out.  That would make it the 16th of 
August.  I then proceeded to take pictures and measurements of the 
Crop Circle which is listed as (1), (2), (3) in the drawing and on 
the back of the photographs.  The new set of circles are labeled (4), 
(5), (6).  As previously mentioned the oat had already been cut down, 
which made a good photo of the area more difficult.  I was not able 
to get soil samples from the circles, but Nancy informed me that 
someone else may go to the area to collect samples.  At this point 
I can't confirm this.  As the drawing shows the circles move SE 
with each circle getting smaller in size.  Being that nearly a 
month had passed it was possible to see the outline of the circles 
due to the deep green color that was contrasted to the brown color 
directly around them.  As I was taking measurements of the circle 
a gentleman pulled up and told me he lives a few miles East of this 
farm and he saw these circles on Saturday afternoon on his way home.  
He said that he once worked for an airline company and he seemed to 
recognize these circles, yet he was unable to recall from where or 
as to what it meant.

Click here for map of area.

1st circle details

2nd circle details

The second set of circles were directed from West to East with the 
largest end facing East.  These circles were in wheat which had not 
been harvested.  There was a path way to the circles that may have 
been made by somebody else investigating or looking at them.  it 
was now about 6 PM and I had just finished making measurements of 
the "new" three that were unexpected in the investigation.  I then 
traveled back to Eau Claire where I called in my report to Nancy.  
If any one has any new information or would like more info on this 
report feel free to call me at (715) 833-4639 or via e-mail at

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