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Jade's Nov. 1990 Abduction Report
Bagley, MN Abduction Report

Jade's Sighting (abduction) Report
November 1990

Place: Minneapolis, Mn. USA

My name is Jade (psuedonym). I am a 22 year old resident of Minneapolis, MN. I have been a "UFO buff" since I was a little kid. In fact, whenever I went to the library I would only check out material relating to ghosts, Loch Ness, Bigfoot, and UFOs. I have studied almost every angle of UFO/alien related controversies and have hence come to my own positive conclusions about the matter.

However, recently my mind keeps focusing on a particular event in mid-November of 1990 near my parents' suburbian home.

I was in high school at the time, and had just moved from a home in Illinois. The move was emotionally very hard on me, and for the first year of school I had a difficult time making any friends. Soon, though, I found friendships with the technical crew of the high school theatre, and it was there that I felt I belonged. My parents did not approve of my new found friends and forbade me to see them on certain occasions. My decisions at the time were ones of rebellion. I had been without any sort of comradery for so long, I surely wasn't about to let my over-protective parents keep me from them.

At one point, however, my parents became so frustrated with my behavior, that they decided to have me admitted into a psych-ward! There, the psychologist immediatly started me on various chemical restraints (silly, since I am a non-violent person) and other feckless anti-depressants. True, at the time I may have been extremely depressed, but locking me up and drugging me was not the answer. A month later when I was released under the supervision of my parents, I remained as an out-patient and on several drugs. However, I have an unusally high metabolism, and became adjusted to the drugs within a matter of days. The psychologist had to keep "upping" the dosage every few weeks. Bottomline: the drugs had little to no effect on me physically, and certainly did not affect my senses or perceptions.

One night in mid-November of 1990, I found myself in a argument with my folks. Converstaions went in circles, and I just got sick of talking to them. There was no communication. So rather than sit there and be bombarded by heated words, I left the house, wearing jeans, a typical highschool letterman's jacket, and the pair of mocchisan slippers I had on at the time. The temperature was in the 20s and a very light snow was falling. About an inch of packed snow covered all of the streets which I was wandering on. I went on these walks often, and tried not to think about anything in particular. But on this night, I was trying to resolve some of my own internal problems. The time was about 7pm which is very dark at that time of year. I walked to my girlfriend's house, but she was not there. Then I walked to another friend's house, but he too was not home. Feeling a little helpless, I wandered back towards my parents' home. The distance between those two points is about a mile. By this time it was nearly 8:30pm and I was getting cold. I had traveled about mid-way home, when I suddenly just stopped walking. I used to watch my feet as I walked, in those days, so my frame of view was fairly limited. I had stopped because something felt wrong. I looked up to get my bearings and found myself VERY disoriented. I had been traveling West towards home on 45th ave. But when I finally realized my position, I found myself facing EAST on 45th! Almost in that same instant, the "solution" to my emotional problems suddenly "clicked" into place. I felt WONDERFUL! I don't remember a happier revelation in my entire life. Also, I felt warm, as though I had just stepped out of a heated place like a house or a car.

Obsessed with my emotional "discovery" I ran the rest of the way home to my parents, and we have been on a good track ever since. But to my surprise, it was approximately 11pm at night! I thought nothing of the event at the time.

Three years passed. Then in 1993, I began having strange dreams and daydreams. Details are very sketchy of an actual "experience" but I keep having these visions of "eyes". These big black eyes looking at me. Until several months ago I had just been brushing off these visions as a "residual" of some kind from my childhood studies of UFOs and alien beings. As the dreams became more frequent, more details were added and I can recall almost the entire description of your typical "gray" alien standing over me. Still I am having a hard time believing that these visions are (or were) real. They just seem so cliche.

Then in April of this year, I saw the made for TV film "Roswell". During the opening credits when various films and photos of space craft are being played, I began to experience some kind of deja vu. I remember seeing something like a UFO. I enjoyed the film, but later was somewhat troubled by how I felt. The denial stage started settling in again. Then the dreams started getting more intense.

Now with the increasing occurances and publicity of UFO sightings, I have started to experience some kind of fear. Every now and then when I see a picture or footage of a UFO, my "sixth sense" kicks in and sometimes big pieces of my "missing time" experience in 1990 come spinning back to me. Nothing is all that deatiled (I haven't done any hypnotic research) but this is what I remember:

I was walking West on 45th ave. in Plymouth, MN which is a western suburb of Minneapolis. The time was approximately 8:30pm. I was lonely, I was depressed, and I was cold. Suddenly, I found myself standing in a beam of very white light. Almost like standing under an overhead spot light on a stage. I looked up and was blinded by the source. I looked down, shielded my eyes with my hand and looked up again, this time with my hand blocking the source of light. I saw the sihlouette of a large black disc about 25 feet in diameter with an aperature in the center. The object was slightly North of me, hovering silently above the ground about 30 or 35 feet. The beam was eminating from the aperature. It moved into a position immidiately over me, and I recall a deep "voice" coming from all around me. I didn't really say any words, but it had the feel of a voice. Then, I somehow was lifted off the ground, and began "floating" towards the light. The chronology of my recollections ends here, but I remember laying flat on a table or bench with a pair of eyes looking at me from head to toe and back again.

The next thing I remember, I found myself walking East on 45th ave. I was relaxed, warm, and surprisingly very happy. Figuring it took me only another 5 or 10 minutes to run home, and considering that I arrived home just after 11pm, I cannot "offically" account for about 2 hours and 20 minutes of that evening.

I'm not sure I believe it all myself, but that is what I remember. And since I am a firm believer in ETs, I am beginning to think that maybe something DID really happen and I didn't just imagine all of this. However, recently the dreams have been turning into nightmares and I think I am afraid to undergo hypnosis and verify any of my recollections.

sincerely, Jade
Minneapolis, Mn USA

Bagley, MN Abduction Report
NAME: R-sr., SEX: Male, AGE: 46
OCUPATION: Computer Consultant

Married with 2 boys. I basically remember two abductions, one in 1954 and another in 1978. The second abduction was a multiple abducion inluding myself and my son R-jr.. Both of us share the same memory.

The first event can be attested to by my mother who interviewed our neighbor, who saw the event.

Both happened outside of Bagley Minnesota, I currently live in New Hope. I was at one of your meetings 2 weeks ago with a friend who is intrested in UFO's and crop circles.

Both myself and my son have had been hypnotized but do not trust it can bring back lost memories of these events. We both only remember a short period of time where we were not under there total control.

The only help I would like is to document what my mother remembers about what our nieghbor saw. I have only heard her story 2 times from her in all these years.

I can elaborate both stories but it would take some time, the one with my son was interesting. My son actually slugged one of the small aliens, the most suprising thing was their lack of response.

Call the Stargate Crisis Line for Alien Abduction related trauma at: 520-388-8591.

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